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Description du poste

Eiffage Métal est dédiée à la construction métallique clés en main. Ses équipes conçoivent et réalisent des enveloppes et façades de bâtiments et des ouvrages d’art. Spécialisée dans les projets complexes multitechniques, elle est également un acteur industriel de premier plan, notamment dans l’éolien. Présente dans toute l’Europe et à l’international, Eiffage Métal compte 9 usines.

MISSIONS- Manage teams- Present the building site, its challenges, risks and the construction works to be completed by all their teams- Set objectives for their employees – Support teams’ professionalization and upskilling and manage HR processes within the scope of their responsibility- Encourage professional best practices and govern improper conduct Building site preparation- Study the contract documentation (general conditions of contract, technical documentation), price studies and the strategic choices made by the agency manager (transfer meeting)- Perform administrative procedures within the lead times (road network authorization, DICT – declaration of the intention to begin work, etc.)- Check the building site’s actual conditions (plot, additional studies, construction methods, environment, surveys, core sampling, etc.), define the building site installation and access plan, and establish the Health and Safety Protection/Prevention (PPSPP) and Quality Assurance plans- Define the resources – human (teams, skill sets and availability), material, equipment and financial – required to properly complete the construction works- Prepare and present the operation’s estimated budget for approval by superior(s)- Establish the overall and provisional schedule and determine the return on investment (ROI) (ratios)- Set up consultations, analyze offers, negotiate conditions and draw up contracts together with the Purchasing Department – Place orders with sub-contractors and suppliers, together with the Purchasing Department- Initiate certification filing requests from sub-contractors- Ensure the full completion of construction studies (plans, design briefs, etc.) as well as the full optimization of these studies Monitoring of the building site’s construction- Organize, schedule and manage the construction works, and ensure proper contractual management- Participate in building site meetings and chair coordination meetings with sub-contractors/suppliers- Ensure that guidelines, standards and rules are applied, specifically concerning health and safety- Perform technical controls during construction (materials, production of materials on the building site, compliance with the plan, etc.) and decide on any corrections to be made- Ensure budget monitoring of construction works, analyze deviations from the estimated budget and optimize the results (income statement, earnings and cash position)- Ensure the appropriate formalities in case of any amendments to, or extension of, the construction works- Set the Site Supervisor’s objectives to guarantee delivery of the construction works in accordance with client practices (compliance with costs, quality and lead times)- Present construction works progress and issue monthly invoicing, establish requests for advances with the client; focus on their building site’s cash flow (invoices to be issued (“FAE”) and Receivables) Quality, Prevention, Security and Environment- Ensure full application of guidelines, procedures and rules to complete the construction works as well as overseeing individual and collective security on the building site- Monitor the quality of the completed construction works within planned lead times- Manage environmental constraints and ensure the full adoption of the corresponding measures- Organize the planned security prevention measures Delivery of the constructions- Request the acceptance of the works and obtain the contractual documentation (final general statement, acceptance statement, certificate of competency, etc.) in collaboration with the business manager- Resolve deviations and provide feedback- Establish and initiate invoicing, verifying sub-contractor statements and following up on collection together with the Finance and Accounting Manager (RAF) Where required, file a claim and submit it for approval to their line manager Business relations and business development- Ensure regular contact with known clients- Identify potential new opportunities and work on them with the relevant in-house departments- Manage changes to the initial workload and optimize the financial result SPECIFIC ACTIVITIES METAL CONSTRUCTION WORKS SUPERVISOROversee the mission of the Project Engineering Operations Manager (ROM), by managing the assembly and processes NUCLEAR WORKS SUPERVISORThe Nuclear Works Supervisor may operate in and outside of restricted areas. Their specific tasks are as follows:- Have all the nuclear training required to work on the relevant nuclear site (reactors, fuel cycle, research center, uranium chemistry, etc.)- Check the credentials of their assigned workforce- Ensure that the construction works completion file and all related documentation are available on the building site as per the latest applicable index- Ensure that the fieldwork monitoring files (DSI) are completed and signed by the authorized persons and that no work phase can be undertaken if the previous stop point is not signed- Ensure teams’ radiation safety- Ensure teams’ management of fieldwork reliability (PFI)- Monitor the operational dosimetry of their teams in restricted areas- Initiate and manage feedback processes on completed building sites, and spearhead continuous improvement processes with their teams DEMOLITION/DECONTAMINATION WORKS SUPERVISOR- Receive waste tracking slips- Update global waste records- Complete sub-section 3 Technical supervision training- The following points apply to the Asbestos Works Supervisor or Demolition and Asbestos Works Supervisor- Understand the characteristics and properties of asbestos and its effects on health- Understand the maximum fieldwork period in a confined area based on set instructions- Understand procedures for containment and collective protection- Understand the performance limitations of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)- Understand exposure and dust levels for the applied processes (asbestos, silica, etc.)- Understand aeraulic performance calculations (asbestos)- Establish an asbestos sampling strategy and send to the Occupational Physician- Program the analyses according to the defined strategy and construction work schedules.- Monitor the completion of the analyses on-site and perform quality assurance on analytical reports- Notify the Technical Manager in the event of accidental exposure or a breach in regulations JOB REQUIREMENTSSignificant experience as a Site Supervisor or Works Engineer AuthorizationsAuthorizations may be required based on the position heldH0-B0 electrics authorization JOB ENVIRONMENTReporting line: Site Manager, Works Director, Operational Manager, Sector Manager Internal relations: Engineering Consultants, Support Department, Site Supervisors, Team Leaders, Journeymen, etc. External relations: sub-contractors and co-contractors, clients, Design Consultants – Engineering Consultants, suppliers, local residents, work inspectorate, CARSAT, OPPBTP, etc.


Formation :

BTS / DUT en travaux publics ou Licence professionnelle option « chef de chantier ».

Expérience :

10 ans

Compétences :

Compétences techniques, force de proposition, charisme et autorité, sens du relationnel.

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Il y a 2 mois
Je postule

Je crée mon compte

Je souhaite que mon CV soit visible pour les recruteurs afin qu'ils puissent me contacter directement